The Irish Club is moving back upstairs in Tara House

The QIA’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that a lease has been signed for a section of the ground floor of Tara House. This area includes the space currently occupied by the Whiskey Bar and the Bunratty Bistro.


From Thursday, 6th November 2014, a Japanese and Korean restaurant and bar will become the commercial tenants for this part of the ground floor. The decision to lease a section of the building has been made to ensure the longevity and commercial viability of the Queensland Irish Association. In this regard the lease will provide an ongoing guaranteed revenue stream to underpin the continued activities of the Association.


This commercial leasing arrangement means that the Association’s operations will move back to the first floor of Tara House from Thursday November 6, with QIA Members being able to enjoy the traditional surroundings provided by the Tara Ballroom and other adjoining heritage-listed rooms that have been primarily reserved for functions and other non-Member activities for nearly a decade.


Rest assured, the QIA will still be serving meals and pouring your favourite Guinness in the beautiful Munster Bar. Rooms will still be available for private functions hire.


As I’m sure you will appreciate, a transition period will be required to relocate the Association’s operations. Between now and Christmas there will be some occasions where some rooms will be inaccessible to the public as we honour all of our existing function bookings, however, at all times during this transition period, there will be a separate area of the Club reserved for the enjoyment of Members.


Our regular evening entertainment, such as live music on a Friday, traditional Irish music sessions on a Thursday and ‘open microphone’ nights on a Wednesday will continue.


Overall, the relocation of the Association’s operations to the first floor of Tara House will not only provide financial benefits for the Association by providing regular and guaranteed commercial rental income, but it will also allow all QIA Members to once again enjoy the surroundings of the first floor’s heritage listed rooms.


If you have any immediate questions please contact the QIA’s Acting General Manager Mark Thorp on 3221 5699.